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In a rut

I feel a little uninspired.

I have started to write several posts over the last few days, but nothing feels authentic or worth publishing. I am hitting a road block and hoping that writing about my lack of original thought might help get the juices flowing.

When the writing works for me, it is truly therapeutic  I don’t have to think too much, the words just come. Now, I think I’m forcing it a bit; however, I think I have to. If I always wait for the right moment, the right feeling to strike, I won’t write much of anything at all.

I have stagnated in my plans to get more freelance writing work as well. I have leads to follow and some self-marketing to do, but I am having trouble getting the ball rolling. Something is holding me back.

Staying at home with the little guy is unpredictable (despite the daily eat/play/nap schedule I printed out and posted on the fridge. I think I can hear more seasoned moms laughing at my naivete) The lack of real routine has caused me to get a little too comfortable with a weekend-style day on the weekdays. I play with him, we read books and take walks. All well and good. But when he naps, I fold laundry. I Facebook. I don’t do the work I said I was going to do. Heck, sometimes I don’t even shower, which just leaves me feeling unready for the day.

As he gets older, he is content for longer stretches just bouncing in his little bouncer, which leaves me with even fewer excuses for not getting my act together and working more. 

I desperately want to make working from home work, but I seem to be standing in my own way. Even blogging has not provided an outlet–I keep feeling like I have nothing worth writing.

So I’m in a rut. 

A little home office inspiration. Credit: hgtv.com. Designer: Meg Caswell

So tonight I am reorganizing my office space. If I don’t lie to myself, I realize that this project is just another form of procrastination from the task at hand. However, I hold tight to the hope that a reorganized, refreshed office space will leave me more inspired to get to the real work…starting tomorrow.

Any advice on how to overcome this creative drain? Anyone else in a creative slump?

17 thoughts on “In a rut

  1. Hon, don’t be so hard on yourself. Inspiration is like happiness… both sneak up on you when you’re busy looking for something else. And if you’re looking for something to do, you could help me organize MY office, which looks like hell at the moment!

  2. I’ve been carrying a notebook with me so that when I am out and about with the kids, and something comes, I don’t lose it before the next window of opportunity with my laptop and the time to write. I’m also finding that bouncing around ideas that I pick via twitter really helpful; someone else tweets a link to a media piece on a subject that interests me, and I am off and rolling. There is a great community on twitter of writers / thinkers / informed parents, and collectively we are being each other’s research assistants! It has led me to a few guest blogs and even a tiny bit of paid work, as like you, I am trying to get more writing work. Food for thought? L x

  3. I tried to comment on this post yesterday and I was deterred by a slow android phone. I found this post very refreshing and honest. I think reorganizing is a great way to get some feng shui and renergize your space. Why not get dressed up or but on bright lipstick to break a rut? Just cause you’re a stay at home mommy doesn’t mean you don’t get to be sassy. Personally, I’ve been in a creative funk, too and not posting much. But this blog inspired me to get up, finish a painting and then blog on it. So thank you! Here’s to more inspiration and great thoughts.

  4. refreshing your work space is a great idea. Maybe do something radically different that catches your eye as you step up to the work space. And carrying the notebook around is a great idea. I have half written articles waiting to see the light of WordPress, too… I am in a rut, too. Thanks for sharing, and thanks readers for your ideas, too!

  5. I got this idea from O, the Oprah Magazine: Keep a Five Moments diary. At the end of every day, quickly jot down five moments that are worth remembering about that day. They don’t have to be big things… just the little things that happen to make each day unique. When you look back, you’ll see that you really did accomplish a lot over the course of a year. Here’s my list from yesterday (a mundane day, but a good one for me):

    1. Took winter photos of the Adelphi Mill.

    2. Bought cat food at Walmart while the fire alarm annunciator sounded.

    3. Had dinner at Mama’s with Barry and spilled some wine.

    4. Took and posted some photos of baby Gabby, including one that showed her shaved belly from her tummy tuck.

    5. Talked to Dad on the phone about his maybe buying a convertible.

    (BTW, Gabby is my kitten.)

    • I love that. I found a similar idea on Pinterest about putting little notes in a jar every time something good happens, big or small. At the end of the year you have a jar full of things to be grateful for, even if it’s just things like overcoming writer’s block 🙂

      I hope Gabby and the rest of the crew are well.

  6. i understand what you’re going thru more than you’d think! a lot of writers (myself included, tho i don’t do it as much as i’d like) do great work first thing in the morning, before the day gets underway. even if you’re not a morning person, drink your morning coffee at the computer and you might be surprised how the ideas get flowing just as the sun’s coming up. (caffeine in general helps, too–a LOT!)

    • I agree about the caffeine! I am currently limited on my intake but it is a MUST for my mornings, even if it is is small doses.
      I will try working in the mornings. Since I’ve been working from home and my mornings aren’t so much of the whirlwind they used to be, I have gotten a little lackadaisical. But when I was going into the office, mornings were a great time for motivation.
      Thanks for the thoughts!! 🙂

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