Back…and Back to Basics

I’m back, and I didn’t stick with my old job long. It was pretty obvious that I was talking me into it each day, and it was a big fat lie to myself. There is only so much boredom one can withstand without going mad. So I took a new full time job closer to home. One that is outside my field in a lot of ways—I’m not a copywriter anymore. In fact, I don’t do much writing at all. It is definitely a shame. But that is a post for another time.

So I’m back to blogging as an outlet for my writing, and this time I want to make it work. I know people intend to start blogs all the time and leave them sit. I can’t do that this time, even if I am the only person who reads this. Writing is my release and it always has been, so I’m doing this for me.

On the topic of balance and achieving simplicity, my husband and I recently made a pretty huge life change. We sold the townhouse that was driving us (and our dogs) crazy and moved out into the country. I love, love, love it. It feels like where I need to be. We actually ended up reducing our bills by moving (no more city water, no HOA, no more 4+hour commute), and it feels like some miracle that it actually happened. We had to sell our house in one of the worst housing markets my generation has seen, and find a place my husband and I could agree on (no small feat). To my astonishment, the puzzle pieces fell together, helping me believe things really do happen in their own time.

Now, my sincere hope is to connect more with nature and learn to find the joy in the simplicity of the quiet out here. I’ve started a garden and plan to plant some vegetables and herbs once the spring comes. I plan to get back to basics, and I have started with the little things. We get our produce from farmer’s markets around here. We get more exercise naturally doing yard work and playing with our dogs, who are ecstatic to have the room to run. Their joy has been my joy.

This journey has taken quite a different turn now. I look forward to writing about my work towards a more simple and well-rounded life. I continue to challenge the idea of a work life that is forced–not driven my passion–and I continue to search for what it is I am meant to do. But I get the feeling I am getting warmer…